Conditions and Criteria

Evaluation Conditions and Criteria


​​​​​​​​​​​​​Eligibility for Nomination

  1. The nominator and the nominee (initiative owner) must be citizens or residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, should not be less than 16 years’ old
  2. Nominations are accepted from individuals only, and any nominations submitted by organizations or official and non-official bodies will be excluded
  3. Any person, individual or group, may nominate himself for the award
  4. A nominator may nominate not more than two initiatives
  5. The initiative owner (individual or group) must have excellent reputation and should fulfill the following conditions:
    a. Should not have been convicted for dishonesty or breach of faith unless he\she has been rehabilitated
    b. Should not have been a contributor to rioting, violence, complicity or incitement, or have committed any of such acts
    c. Should not have an activity that violates the applicable laws and official regulations of the government or which is harmful to the public interest

Conditions of Nomination


Evaluation Criteria

Nominations for voluntary initiatives are evaluated based on:

  1. The positive impact on the present or expected on community
  2. Sustainability
  3. Excellence
  4. The ability to grow

Evaluation Phases