Who can apply for the Sustainability Award?

What are the benefits of participating in or winning the Sustainability Award?

When is the deadline to enter the application?

How is the Award judged?

Are all applicants evaluated based on the same criteria and methodology?

What is the difference between Level 1 and Level 2 of the Application?

Who is eligible to apply for Level 2 of the Award?

What happens if my organization does not proceed to Level 2 of the application?

How does the updated Application structure and new Core Areas differ from the previous Award?

What national and international frameworks does the Award align to?

How long does the award process last?

Who is the right person within our organization to complete the application form?

Where can I find information with regards to how to complete the application?

In which languages can our organization complete the application?

Which formats are accepted as part of the supporting references?

Can I upload multiple supporting documents for one question?

If our organization participated in the Sustainability Award last year, can we participate again this year?

Can Award winners apply to the Sustainability Award next year?

Can I nominate my own organization for the Sustainability Award?

Is there a fee associated with participation in the Sustainability Award scheme?

Will the data and supporting documents provided by our organization through the application form be kept private and confidential?

What should we do if we don’t have answers to all the questions?

Where can I find further explanations regarding the terms used in the questionnaire?

I want to provide additional information or clarify some points. Where can I do that?

Do we need to complete the application in one sitting?

I want to share the application with my colleagues/other departments. Is that possible?

When are the Sustainability Award winners announced?

Who is invited to the Award Gala?

How can I access my scores?

What information is included in the scorecards?

What can I do if I experience any difficulties during the Award process?