“We strive to build a strong economic base, the foundation and base of which is the Saudi human being.”King Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al Saud


​The King Khalid Award is intended to honor individuals, organizations, and initiatives who take the lead in finding innovative solutions to complex social challenges and influencing others as a role model.

For more than a decade, the award monitored distinguished people and celebrated their excellence in the areas of corporate sustainability, nonprofit management, and social innovation within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This matter not only shed light on these initiatives, but also illuminated the path of change makers and the non-profit sector in transforming Saudi society for the better.

This award is the only of its kind in the Middle East, with its active practical support for its candidates and a contribution to raising Their organizational competencies and capabilities, and enabling them to better serve their community, with sustainable solutions.

Award branches

The Award is given every two years to allow participants sufficient time to review and implement the development recommendations provided at the end of each cycle into practice. In addition, the Award will invest in building the capabilities of the participants and developing their skills through the provision of rigorous training programs that are tailored to each segment. Relevance to the outputs and criteria of the Award.




Capacity Building




Capacity Building




Capacity Building

The King Khalid Award is a platform to honor and accelerate constructive social change within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The winners are chosen by measuring their tangible positive impact, within the following branches:


Development Partners Award

We believe that everyone has the ability to change the world for the better. The King Khalid Award for Development Partners came to honor the people and groups that have been able through her work to make a tangible difference in the lives of people within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Applicants benefit from a review by the Evaluation Committee of their social initiatives and the outstanding initiatives will have the opportunity to enter the sustainability program in which will contribute to the structuring, improving, and expansion of their work and activities.

The winners are celebrated at the King Khalid Award ceremony, which is held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, where the winners receive financial awards.

Business is valued by its impact on society, its sustainability, its originality, and its growth opportunities. It is an award available to all segments of the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Non-Profit Organizations Excellence Award

The King Khaled Award for Excellence for Nonprofits assesses the level of outstanding administrative performance of these organizations, which harnesses their performance in the best way to serve their societies and their mission.
The award aims to stimulate the administrative performance of non-profit organizations, to raise their level of efficiency in terms of innovation and effectiveness, And help build a wide and diverse network of nonprofits devoted to creating impactful change.

Participants receive a free, comprehensive, and integrated review of their administrative performance by our team of experts,
In addition to obtaining a roadmap for future growth and development. Participants also have the possibility to participate in capacity building program workshops to cultivate and develop their management expertise.

n addition, participants are welcome to join our community of leading non-profit organizations, where they can benefit from communicating with inspiring and effective counterparts, and learning from best practices.

The award winners receive a financial reward, and they are celebrated in The prestigious King Khaled Award ceremony, which is held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

This branch is open to all non-profit organizations registered with the National Center for Non-Profit Sector for a period of no less than three years.

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Sustainability Award

The King Khalid Sustainability Award honors the inspiring organizations that have made sustainability at the core of their business, and used them to open areas that have reflected economic growth.

The award recognizes enterprises that have created a competitive advantage through the innovative use of sustainability in their business practices and businesses, and he has played that. An important role in stimulating social, economic and environmental development and progress in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Participants receive a detailed assessment of their initiatives, and the extent to which their success is reflected in their actions is to meet social, environmental and economic challenges. The assessment points reflect global best practices, which are an objective, advanced analysis of the sustainability of each company, which can be used to drive continuous development.

Participants also have the opportunity to join training workshops and ongoing brainstorming workshops.
With their peers, learn from sustainable development best practices. Our goal is to support companies in obtaining a competitive advantage through sustainability, and enhancing their economic growth, and hence the growth of the Kingdom.

The winners are celebrated at the King Khalid Award ceremony, which is held under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.
This branch is open to all private and semi-private institutions operating within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, regardless of sector or industry.

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