Workshop on the Leading Practices


Workshop on the Leading Practices

Workshop on the leading practices in sustainable development


The leading practices workshop in sustainable development aims at raising and improving sustainability performance in the Kingdom by providing training seminars at the senior management level and practitioners in small and medium-sized enterprises.


Organizations Criteria:


SMEs were selected to join the workshop according to their fulfillment of at least one of the requirements described below in terms of annual revenue or number of employees.


Size Number of full-time staff



Revenues (SAR Million)
Micro 5-1 3-0
Small 49-6 40-3
Medium 249-50 200-40
Large Exceeds all above criteria


Objectives of Training:


  • Improvement of global competitiveness
  • Economic diversification
  • Increased efficiency of economic resources
  • Improvement of policies and procedures
  • Improvement of Saudi workforce capabilities


Details of Training and Support:


The workshop was conducted through seminars and training sessions for executives practitioners. The training sessions were held in a, Riyadh Dammam, and Jeddah. Training fees was covered by the King Khalid Foundation, excluded travel and accommodation costs, and the total trainees attended this workshop was 80 trainees.


Training Guides:


Each training participant received a preliminary guide and a practical advice on how to implement the leading practices in a portfolio containing a toolkit of sustainable development in specific industries.


Training Topics:


Participating companies will receive training on sustainable development topics in certain industries such as:


Introductory training methodology in the leading practices:


What is sustainability?

​• Definition: as universally defined in the United Nations Charter

• Context: Global challenges, perspectives and trends

Sustainability feasibility study

• Why: The benefits of sustainability practices

• How: 4 steps towards sustainability management methodology

Key sustainability topics

• Environmental

• Social

• Governance

Sustainability impact measurement tools

• Impacts

• Measurement tools

Global standards for sustainability reporting mechanism • Notification Reporting frameworks


Click here to download the toolkit


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